Our entire infrastructure was built to provide a rapid solution for the distribution of perishable cargo such as agricultural produces, plants & flowers, dairy, fish and others.

The trained Team of South West Air Freight manage the entire temperature controlled supply chain from point of origin to point of destination including pickup from producer through ground transportation, airport handling & storage, and delivery.  Quality product delivered at the right cost, time and place.

The South West Air Freight advantage:

  • Innovative temperature controlled transportation to maintain temperature ranges;

  • Specific temperature ranges available according to prodcuts -18C°, 15-25C° (CRT), 2-8C°;

  • Incredibly fast loading / unloading and transport between airplane and market; 

  • Automated roller system for ULD means goods pass from tarmac through warehouse and onto truck in less than four hours for a full cargo-aircraft payload;

  • Across our entire chain our fleet is parked right on the “airside”, meaning exposure of temperature sensitive shipments to the tarmac is minimal.