The aim is to design and build a multifaceted freight-hub that will handle a minimum of 100tns at any one time, up to 500tons a week, scalable over 7,500sqm facility currently available on the airside of Busselton airport:

  • The concept of this freight hub is intended to suit the specific nature of the products from the South West: live crustaceans and seafood, chilled meat, fresh milk, FFVs and flowers and the multitude of high-end food-grade products (truffles, olive oil, honey, emu meat and top shelf wines, kraft beers, blended coffees, etc), but also to receive the project cargo from the state‚Äôs heavy industry that cannot be loaded on passenger aircraft and trucked to the eastern states.

  • With a zero-emission target and solutions to off-set carbon footprint of the aircraft serving it, the freight-hub will take the appearance of non-intrusive white cube with hanging roof gardens and water filtration system to cooldown the building and provoke the temperature differential that will be ideal for reduced machinery and CFC emission, as well as a solar farm and renewable energy solutions in all materials and substances used in the facility;

  • Partnering with MRBTA actual ramp-service to add to their current existing capacity our own main-deck loaders, dollies and tugs to service our larger aircrafts and future airlines.